Machining of Crane Tub Collar

Use of Equipment: Extra Large Circular Self Levelling Milling Machine (XL-CSLM)

Self Levelling Metal Machines was engaged to provide an on-site
machining for Tub Collar Seating Face of 5000 Tons SHL Crane
with a diameter of 26,915mm.

This XL-CSLM machine consists of a milling box / cutter mounted
on wheels which run on the face being machined. The milling box
rotates around a central pivoting system to which it is connected
by two rigid beams. A scanning laser, located on top of the
central pivot system post, is adjusted to scan a plane parallel
to the plane to be machined. Laser targets on either side of the
milling box, adjacent to each wheel, interface onto the scanning
laser beam. An electro-hydraulic system is used to control the
wheel height such that each laser target holds its position
relative to the laser beam. The wheels go up or down as required
to maintain the targets (and hence the milling box to which they
are attached) on the laser plane. The following error relative to
the laser plane is approximately 0.1 mm.

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