Machining of DB50 Roller Rail Seating Face

Use of Equipment: Self Levelling Trolley Machine (SLTM)

Self Levelling Metal Machines was engaged to provide an on-site machining for Derrick Barge 50’s Roller Seating Foundation on the crane tub deck with a diameter of 26,000mm.

As the crane tub deck was not able to be stripped bare, our conventional CSLM machine was not able to be deployed for this project. Our Engineering Team came up with ideas and customised a Self Levelling Trolley Machine (SLTM) for this project. With add-on work to match drill and tap 216 holes for securing hardox rail plate to the roller rail seating foundation, our technician team worked within the height constraint of 580mm and multiples obstructions around the crane tub deck.

Before the machining phase, pre-machining survey was conducted, data were collected to analyse and studied. After the machining process, post-machining survey was carried out by our Metrology Team from Self Levelling Metal Machines and presented to our Client.

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